"Go Play Trains" CGI Tattoo Video
01:33 PM

In yet another example of how fantastic the marriage of tattoos and tech can be, here's Ryan Reeb's video "Go Play Trains."

It starts off looking like another beautifully produced short on the creation of a tattoo. There's the studio view, stencil placement, set up...The camera moves in for an up-close, slow motion view of needles poking skin, but then, unexpectedly, it morphs into a tattoo dreamscape, following the penetrated ink beneath the surface via some CGI creativity. The result is a fun, trippy look at strong, and very real, tattoo work.

Adrian Sanchez from American Electric Tattoo in LA did the tattoo on Ryan, which was inspired by Ryan's son Ollie. Here's more from the YouTube description:

I wanted to get a tattoo for my son Ollie. I love this stage in his life where he can lose himself in his imagination while playing on his train table. So I got an old steamy on my arm with his name on it. While I was getting tattooed a couple of my friends helped me shoot this video to commemorate the event. Out of my curiosity for how ink disperses through the skin and love of shooting video "Go Play Trains" is born.
I asked Ryan what Ollie thought of his dad's tattoo and he said his son loves it and calls it "Ollie train."

I also asked for some tech info for my freak geeks and Ryan explained: "The slow motion / high speed stuff was filmed with a PL mount Cooke 300mm prime mounted on a Y5HD Diablo (Hurt Locker cam) and the other stuff was filmed on a Canon 5d Mark 2. Music was created by Ryan Leach."

Definitely check it.

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