Happy Lizardman Day!
11:25 AM
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You probably know our buddy Erik "The Lizardman" Sprague from his full-body transformation/modification, his army of wax replicas at Ripley's, his book Once More Through The Modified Looking Glass, his band Lizard Skynard, his live act (equal parts sideshow and scathing social commentary) or his seemingly ubiquitous presence on any televsion special dedicated to the odd and the adorned.

In line with his usual humility and self-effacing demeanor, he has declared today - his birthday - to be Lizardman Day!

Everyone is encouraged to raise a toast to him at 11:57pm CST and there's even a prize package for those of you who send him photos of you and your friends taking part in Lizardman Day celebrations!  (The Lizardman will also be live-tweeting his day of debauchery @TheLizardman23)

My longevity, such as it is, depends entirely upon people who I simply cannot abide potentially outliving me.
--The Lizardman

Happy Birthday, brother - you made it once more around the sun!

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