NY Times Illustrations as Tattoos
04:42 PM
viktor koen tattoo.jpg
Our good friend Viktor Koen -- fine artist, illustrator, professor and mensch -- sent me this photo of the tattoo above, which was designed by him as an illustration for the NY Times in 2010 and later tattooed by Errol of Inkstitution in Rotterdam on Ruud, a PhD candidate in the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Obviously, Ruud has a professional interest in this art.

Viktor says on his Tumblr that he believes "butterfly-brain man" was one of his first illustrations to appear on the front page of the printed NY Times edition (on Tuesday June 29th, 2010). When Ruud saw the illustrations, he ripped them from the paper and took them to Errol. [The illustrations are placed on the back of Ruud's arms facing each other.] This June, after the last session, Ruud contacted Viktor to say that the artwork was now permanently displayed on his body. Viktor was happy.

I wanted to share this with y'all because I really liked how Ruud let Viktor know just how much his art was appreciated. Often when images are ripped from media, the original creators aren't made aware of how their work has been translated on skin. Of course, legally, it's better practice to get permission first from the artist for copyright purposes but I'll save the copyright talk for another time. I just thought this was cool on many levels.

I'm also digging many other works in Errol's portfolio. Check them on Facebook and the Inkstitution site.

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