"Under the Needle" Web Series
12:28 PM

There's another tattoo web series I wanted to highlight, which features the experience of artists at City of Ink in Atlanta -- from those new to tattooing to their more experienced artists.

"Under the Needle" is produced by tattooist Miya Bailey (owner of City of Ink) and filmmaker Artemus Jenkins -- the same people who brought us the wonderful documentary "Color Outside the Lines," which we wrote about here. Here's what they say about this new project:
Under the Needle will provide viewers with insight into what you as a consumer, should look for when you make the decision to get a tattoo. You will learn about the different styles of body art, techniques used, how artists come up with their ideas and actually see them apply these works of art to skin.
I posted the first installment here on Paper Frank, who started off as an apprentice at City of Ink, and has now been tattooing for two years. In it, he discusses his approach to tattooing, especially techniques tattooing black skin.

Also check the other 3 videos already posted.

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