Dan Helmuth Tattoo Webcast & Live Music Show
07:05 AM
Dana Helmuth.jpgDana Helmuth makes beautiful Japanese tattooing that follows the long standing traditions of the art form -- more conservatively than the modern genre mash-ups -- but still with its own distinctiveness. They are just as striking from a distance as they are up-close, and they are built to look good to the grave. 

How Dana has come to achieve these qualities in his work is no secret:  homework, hard work, and a love for tattooing. You'll hear many great artists say the same thing. But for a more in-depth understanding into his approach -- and to get an up-close look at how he works -- check out the live tattoo webcast on TattooNow TV, next Sunday, November 4th. Dana will be doing an interview as well; for a preview on that talk, you can read this Q&A with the artist TattooNow.com.

drago tattoo backpiece Helmuth.jpgYou'll also get to see another side of Dana on November 8th -- as a musician. He'll be playing live next Thursday. To get a taste of his music and tattooing, here's a video below (put to Dan's own music) in which he does a custom black and grey dragon backpiece in one day.

Dan will be tattooing at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Mass. from November 3-9 and still has some space available. Contact Off The Map for more info.

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