Holiday Gift Guide: The Gift of Peace of Mind
04:07 PM
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A long-time supporter of the Needles & Sins family -- and long-time supporter of the tattoo community at large, Professional Program Insurance Brokerage is offering a holiday special to all N+S readers: 10% off on all new policies.

PPIB has been covering the tattoo & piercing industry for 20 years. Their programs include:
  • Tattoo Shop Insurance including all Artists
  • Tattoo Artist Insurance - as Independent Contractors
  • Professional Liability Insurance for Tattoo Shops
  • General Liability Insurance for Tattoo Shops
  • Minor Tattooing Insurance
  • Guest Artist Insurance
  • Body Piercing Insurance
  • Coverage at conventions
  • Mobile Units - including general liability
  • Communicable Disease Insurance
  • Sexual Abuse Insurance
  • Apprenticeship Program Insurance
  • Property Insurance for fire, theft, and other related perils
  • Coverage for Signs, Glass, Flash, Loss of Business Income
They treat tattooers like professions and not policy premiums. There are no background checks on artists or piercers; no customer medical history limitations; no certificate of training requirements; and the policy is not auditable.

For more info contact: or call 415.475.4300. Check them online at

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