Holiday Gift Guide: The Art of The Leu Family
10:29 AM
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What better gift can one give than of art and inspiration, especially when the source is a family who has given so much themselves to our tattoo community?

The Leu Family, for generations, has transformed the way we view tattooing, a craft that can be a fine art in itself.  And in doing so they have excited a movement among tattooists to pursue mediums outside of skin.  

In the recently published The Art of the Leu Family, the Leu's continue the tradition of enlivening the creative spirit by sharing their own art work in a beautiful 192-page volume, complete with 152 color and 38 black & white images. The book is authored by Aia Leu, daughter of Felix and Loretta Leu, and one of the many talented artists of the clan. Aia, who studied art in Vevey, Switzerland, lives and paints in Ireland and has been exhibiting her work since 1999. The foreword and preface are by Eva Suszkiewicz and Loretta Leu.

The book is now available for pre-order on the Seed Press site for 40 Euro (approx. $53 US), and it ships worldwide in January.

Here's more on The Art of the Leu Family from Seed Press:

With a unique approach, this colourful book illustrates the work of a creative family of artists from Switzerland, spanning the years 1953 to the present. Eva Aeppli the first wife of Jean Tinguely, was the artistic pioneer of the family. Her children are Felix Leu aka Don Feliz and Miriam Tinguely.

Felix went on with his wife Loretta Leu aka Y Maria to raise a family, many of them artists who with their partners work in a wide variety of styles. The collection contains selections from Eva Aeppli's life work. Don Feliz's surrealistic psychedelic art, the mandala art of Y Maria, works from Miriam Tinguely, Filip Leu, Titine K-Leu, Aia Leu, Tanina Munchkina, Ajja S.F. Leu and some pieces by other members of the family.

Featuring a diversity of art with drawings, etchings, watercolours, paintings and sculptures from the many artists in this family. Throughout the generations represented here there has also been a tradition of collaborative works of art, and a selection of these are included.

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