PSY Tattoo: Gangnam Style
08:53 AM

So I'm at a friend's house last night and we're trying to dissect the never-ending popularity that is "Gangnam Style," the pop song by South Korean rapper Psy whose video, according to the Chicago Tribune, "recently became the most watched item ever posted to YouTube with more than 800 million views."  I made an offhand comment that something so viral in pop culture will eventually be someone's tattoo.

We googled. And we wept.

There is not only a Gangnam Style tattoo, there is a video of its own. Our dismay, however, was more about subject matter than actual execution. The tattoo, which is documented in the video from sketch to finish (perhaps a minute too long), is actually pretty good. But I nevertheless think that parodies and tributes should generally stay on YouTube and not in skin.

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