Restore Red Hook Tattoo & Art Show Benefit
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Once again, the tattoo world has rallied to help others in need, within and beyond our own community.  While the media has "Sandy fatigue" and seems to have lost interest in the massive, long standing effects of the hurricane, tattooists from around the world have contributed fine art, books, tattoo machines, supplies and their own time to the Restore Red Hook Tattoo & Art Show Benefit, which will raise money to help Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood -- an area that was particularly devastated by the storm.

Here's the press release below with details on the event and how to buy art and get tattooed there.

WHAT: "Restore Red Hook Art Show"
WHEN: Sunday, December 16, 2pm -8pm
WHERE: Kidd Studios 133 Imlay St. Brooklyn, NY. 11231
WHY: Help revive Red Hook businesses still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.
On Sunday, December 16 from 2pm to 8pm, "The Restore Red Hook Art Show" will bring together some of the most prominent names in the tattoo industry to Kidd Studios (133 Imlay St.) for a benefit to help local Red Hook businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. In addition to a silent auction, the benefit will offer on-site tattoos, live music, and a cash bar.
The benefit is made possible by Ethan Morgan of Rivington Tattoo (175 Rivington Street), himself a well known tattoo artist who lives in the heart of Red Hook.  Ethan's neighborhood was devastated by severe flooding and power outages after Hurricane Sandy struck, October 29.  (Ethan himself was without heat, hot water and power for 19 days.)  While some businesses are starting to buzz back to life, many are still recovering.
"This is my neighborhood, and these are people I rub elbows with everyday," Ethan said.  "I'm just happy I can give something back."  All proceeds from the auction will go directly to

The event will include four tattoo stations offering original Hurricane Sandy / Red Hook-inspired designs created specially for the event by Rivington Tattoo.  Prices start at $50. The silent auction will offer prints (starting at $20) and original artwork (starting at $50) from artists across the U.S. and as far away as Europe.  There will also be a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted tattoo machine with a retail value of $500.
Participating artists include: Jojo Akermann, Robert Atkinson, Zoe Bean, Mike Bee, Murran Billi, Roberto Borsi, George Campise, Bill Canales, Nick Caruso, Stephane Chaudesaigues, Lior Cifer, Shelby Cobra, Damon Conklin , Patrick Conlon, Andy Engel, Mike Godfrey, Mark Harada, Hek1, Dana Helmuth, Sean Herman, Robert Hernandez, Marisa Kakoulas**, Tim Kern and James Kern, Dan Marshall, Daniel Mirro, Rob Nunez, Pili Mo'o, Shane O Neil, Coco Octaviosen, Jeffery Joel Page, Alex de pase , Mike Pike, John Reardon, Betty Rose, Mikael SchelĂ©n, Lara Scotton, Magie Serpica, Alex Sherker, Sweety, Guy Ursitti, James White and Chet Zar.

My submission as a "participating artist" is the Photorealism volume (#3) of Black & Grey Tattoo Art. You won't find it cheaper so be there and bid!

red hook tattoo flash.jpg
Check some of the fine art being auctioned:
robert hernandez art.jpg
Painting above by Robert Hernandez.

JojoAckerman art.jpgPainting above by Jojo Ackerman.

lara scotton art.jpgPainting above by Lara Scotton.

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