Top 10 Most Popular N+S Posts of 2012
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happy new year.jpgHappy New Year, beautiful freaks!

As we begin lucky 2013, we wouldn't be a proper blog if we didn't take a look back on a very interesting year in tattoo culture. So, I've pulled ten of the most popular posts of the past year -- "popular" being determined by the less-than-scientific method of seeing what got the most hits, Tweets, Likes, FB Comments, and hate mail.  Naturally, it was free giveaways that garnered the most love, but outside of our contests -- and there will be many more in the new year to come -- here's what was hot in no particular order:

The Eyeball Tattooing Video. Surprised?

Vice's Tattoo Age Series. An absolute favorite for thoughtful and fun filming of tattoo life, without drama.

WM3's Damien Echols on Tattoos & Tattooing. We were all thrilled for the release of the West Memphis 3, and even more so that Damien Echols found comfort in the tattoo community, and even picked up a machine himself. Here's my Q&A with Damien about his tattoo experience.

Contaminated Tattoo Inks. Risk of serious infection found through the use of non-sterile water in inks.

Arizona Supreme Court: "Tattoos are Free Speech."  Our big legal victory of the year! [Many legal posts were also popular, including my usual blather on tattoo copyright, new state legislation, as in Florida's tattoo rules, and how tattoos have weighed on immigration issues.]

Of course, artists profiles are a huge part of the site and they get lots of love. Some of the most linked were posts on Miya Bailey, Chris Dingwell, David Allen, Jef Palumbo, Kristel Oreto, Pat Fish, and more recently, Guy Aitchison & Michele Wortman.

The most shared guest post was that of Paul Roe of Britishink: "The Skuse Family, Batty About Tattooing." It's packed with fantastic tattoo history. Another guest post that was incredibly "Liked" and "Retweeted" was the beautiful tribute Doug Moskowitz wrote on Father's Day about his legendary father Walter Moskowitz in "The Dad Royal."

A Tattoo to Transcend a Breast Cancer Battle. The story of Allison W. Gryphon -- and how she kicked cancer's ass and got the tattoo that marks her victory -- inspired many.

The Latest Tattoo Statistics. People just love nice, neat numbers.

Finally, we're grateful for the love you've shown us as we continue our own tattoo collection. While the actual 8-hours of rib tattooing wouldn't be the highlight of my year, the result certainly was a big one.  Thank you, Dan DiMattia! And Brian also started and finished his backpiece by Mike Rubendall (55 and a half hours under the needle). It's nothing short of stunning. But yeah, after long, grueling sessions, your support really has meant a lot.

In fact, we appreciate any time you spend with us, reading the blog or sharing your thoughts on our social media forums and in person at conventions and other events.  You have my thanks and most passionate kisses.


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