The Ultimate in Couples Tattoos
09:41 AM
marc couple tattoo.jpgmarc couple tattoo 1.jpgOn this Valentine's Day, I want to share the ultimate in tattoo love -- being part of a larger art work beyond one's own skin. Artist Little Swastika has been creating full scale tattoos that span two and even three bodies.

I asked him to tell me a bit more about his work. Here's what he shared:
Skin is just a canvas. I try to use the human body as such. To go so far as I can away from what I know about classical tattooing. To create my work free on the body. To play with the shape and dimension of it. I never search the technical perfection or go too much into details. I love it bold and big. To create art not tattoos...

I life far away from out tattoo society. I read no magazines. I go to no conventions and work no where else than in my private galerie. All my inspiration is life and my mind. I don't know how to categorize my work, and I don't want to. It's just the art I created in my mind and use it on a human body as my point of view.....

marc couple tattoo 3.jpg

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