Christian Louboutin Tattooed Shoes
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Luxury designer, Christian Louboutin, known for his trademark red sole shoes, is bringing the tattoo couture by translating your own tattoo artwork onto his fancy footwear.

Louboutin explains the idea behind the tattooed shoes, as quoted by Forbes:

It started as an idea of a present for a friend, I made a pair of shoes for him embroidered with his tattoo. A lot of my friends have tattoos, I realized that it's not only just a part of pop culture but a bit of a map on someone's body which says something about people. A part of their life, like an armor or a crest. Instead of carrying someone else's crest on a loafer, I thought it would be modern armories, your own crest on your own shoe. Instead of a classical made to measure bespoke shoe, which other men's shoe brands do very well, this is my modern approach to bespoke.
To get your shoes tattooed, you'd have to visit one of the designer's "tattoo parlors," located in the Christian Louboutin Men's locations in New York, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Your tattoo will be photographed and the image will be sent to Paris "where the designer himself will review and approve it," according to Forbes. Then you pick the style of shoe, fabric, embroidery, colors, placement, and the designs and materials are sent to Italy and India for production and embroidery. After three months and a new mortgage on your house, you have your custom kicks. The cost starts from about $1,400 to greater ridiculousness.

If you don't want to wait, there's the ready-to-wear pre-designed tattooed line of Loubs like this one, which you can grab for about $1,600.

Personally, I'm saving my cash for the real tattoo deal, but it's still interesting to see how the worlds of tattoo and high fashion play together.

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