Margaret Cho Deserves to be Naked If She Wants To
09:20 AM
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Comedian, actress, activist and tattooed badass Margaret Cho just wanted "a soak, scrub and sauna" when she went to the Aroma Spa & Sports in LA yesterday morning. She just wanted to relax and be naked. As many of tattooed people know, being naked and trying to relax in public is not necessarily an easy thing. The glares. The whispered insults. The insults not whispered.

But what happened to Margaret went even further -- she was actually asked to cover up because she was "making the women there upset with [her] heavily tattooed body." She noted that the manager and the clerks were apologetic and embarrassed to have asked her to do so; the manager was responding to the complaints of spa-goers who were largely Korean, like Margaret, and found her tattoos offensive as they remain "taboo" in Korean culture. [I've experienced similar reactions in my own Greek culture.]

What Margaret did in response was to bring light to this form of discrimination and wrote about her experience on the wonderful Jezebel blog. Here's a bit from it.

I told them that Korean culture is one thing, but this place is in Los Angeles. We are not in Korea right now. This is America. And it's not like I enjoyed looking at their bodies that much. These were all women of various sizes and shapes and some, like me, bore the marks of a difficult life. My tattoos represent much of the pain and suffering I have endured. They are part of me, just like my scars, my fat, my eternal struggle with gravity. None of our bodies are 'perfect'. We live in them. They aren't supposed to be 'perfect'. We are just us, perceived flaws and all. I am just only myself. I like a good scrub and a sauna, especially when you can watch Tiger Woods while it's all going down.

Their intolerance viewing my nakedness -- as if it was some kind of an assault on their senses, like my ass was a weapon - made me furious in a way I can't really even express with words -- and that for me is quite impressive. This bitch always has some shit to say.

Read more of what she has to say here.

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