New Work from Tattoo Carny Tim Kern
09:43 PM
tim kern jeff soto tattoo.jpg
Tim Kern kitty tattoo.jpg
Today is the birthday of my dear friend Tim Kern of Tribulation Tattoo (check their fancy new site).  Many know Tim for his "creepy cute" creations, but really, Tim is one of the most versatile artists I know, creating exceptional works in vastly different genres.
He is also an incredible painter. He is wicked in karaoke. And his wife is super hot.

I could go on, but I'll let his bio speak further:

Tim Kern is a rotten carny bastard. A seventh-generation twin, he was born in a state of Misery... Half-cooked and with a lazy eye. Over the years, he has developed a passion for human oddities, prestidigitation, and serial killers. Tim has been a tattoo artist since 1995, and works at Tribulation Tattoo in NYC. If seen, do not approach, and shoot on sight.
I'll also add to that a little known fact:  Tim tattooed my most secret tattoo--a signature caricature piece on the back of my head, as shown disembodied below. [Photo by Til Krautkramer.] I have deleted numerous head tattoo puns here as a birthday gift.

Check more of Tim's work on Facebook and Instagram. There's also his free portfolio iPhone app powered by

His work will get in your head. [Yup, I said it.]

tim kern head tattoo.jpg

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