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child tattoo artist.jpgThe tattoo news was busy last week while we were busy ourselves answering the questions of our fellow vacationers on the beach about our "sweet tats" (*cringe*).

And so it was pretty funny to find Buzzfeed's 16 Questions People With Tattoos Are Tired Of Answering when we returned because it seemed that Brian and I fielded all 16 daily from those who had too many margaritas at 10 am. Emmy Favilla did a good job with the list, and I can't think of any big ones she missed. If you do, share the joy in the comments to this post on the Needles & Sins FB group page or Tweet at me.

The biggest buzz was over baseball player Elvis Andrus's tattoo -- the 9-hour tattoo that prevented him from playing in the Cactus League game against the Cleveland Indians on Thursday because his arm was sore. While the tattoo is a loving tribute to his father, I still can't help but think that the biggest problem with the portrait is really not the physical discomfort. See it here.

In tattoo cuteness news,7-year-old Alicia Gutierrez made headlines after KTAB News in Texas sent a camera crew to her father's tattoo studio, Parlor 10-18 in Abilene, to film her as she learns to tattoo. [And the work she does rivals that of Elvis Andrus's artist!] Patrick Gutierrez says that he started tattooing at the age of 14 and that his daughter Alicia could be going pro herself at the age of twelve. The next Filip Leu? Watch the video of her tattooing here.

On a less cute note, Virginia's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner had a booth at the Hampton Roads Tattoo Fest in which they had several posters of tattoos that they hoped artists or collectors would recognize to help solve cold cases.  [I much preferred to look at the tattoos being created on the convention floor via Instagram #hamptonroadstattooartsfestival.]

The Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Fest inspired my favorite news article last week:  a feature on tattoo legend "Cap" Coleman entitled "Norfolk tattoo artist and his apprentice still inspire." It's a bit of a history lesson on the man, who was described by Chuck Eldridge in the article as "tremendously influential, especially on the East Coast. He took all those classic tattoo images that had been kicking around for the past 150 years, and even before that in Europe, and simplified them and made them a little bit more iconic." There are also anecdotes on Paul Rogers, whom Coleman mentored. A great read. Check the photos, including the one below from the Sargeant Memorial Collection, Norfolk Public Library, that illustrate the article.

cap coleman.jpgThe NY Post never fails to nauseate with their run-down of tattoo magazines, and thoughtful reviews like "plenty of skanky women posing in little more than colored ink." What's more upsetting is that there's a bit of truth to it all.

Finally, there's David Lee Roth teaching us about the history of tattoos in Japan (see video below). The Van Halen frontman has a YouTube channel called The Roth Show, in which he speaks at great length (greeeeaaaat length) on topics ranging from pro-wrestling to his travels in New Guinea to tattoos. In fact, there are a few episodes that talk tattoos. [I was even psyched to see my books on the shelf in the background of a number of episodes.] But this latest one is dedicated fully to the art form and Roth's own personal experiences of getting tattooed in Japan.  I wouldn't cite anything he says in academic discourse but it is entertaining.

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