April Fools' Tattoo Jokes
08:16 AM
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Today is April Fool's day. Keep that in mind before worrying about a YouTube shutdown or run out to buy the new "Google Nose."  Naturally, tattoos have not escaped the madcapness.

In Australia, heavily tattooed rugby hottie Sandor Earl got club sponsor Huawei's logo on his right thigh, or that's what some thought, considering his extensive collection. The news made Twitter go atwitter, but then we all just became transfixed staring at his thighs and nothing else mattered in the world.  

moodinq_grid_zoom.jpgMy favorite tattoo April Fool was the moodINQ: Programmable Tattoo System by ThinkGeek -- a scientific breakthrough in tattoo ink that lets you change your tattoos to fit your mood. If you read the comments to the April Fool post, you'll see that most people were more concerned with my repeated use of the word "tats" (also a joke), than the lack of commitment.

And there have been a host of others: the Tattoos4Toddlers hoax in 2003 -- a supposed tattoo shop created for kids -- got people's diapers in a bunch before they realized that some "wacky DJs" had concocted it for their morning show.

Even National Public Radio got in on the action in 1994, on their All Things Considered show, and reported that teenagers who got the logos of companies, like Pepsi, tattooed on their bodies would receive a lifetime 10% discount on that company's products.

Sadly, today, that isn't a joke.

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