Art, Sex, and Power: Tattooed Women Today
07:27 AM
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This Saturday, April 13, at 2pm, Margot Mifflin and I will be at the Brooklyn Museum presenting "Art, Sex, and Power: Tattooed Women Today" in the Forum of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art (4th floor). The event is free with museum admission -- and it is an incredible museum -- so it's worth the trip all around.

Our talk and visual presentation center around how women's tattooing relates to sexuality, fashion, fine art, and feminism. These themes are wonderfully explored in Margot's absolute must-have book, Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo. [For more info, check my review of the book's latest edition and interview with Margot in this post.] These themes have also been explored on this blog, particularly in the context of sex and beauty.  On Saturday, we'll spend an hour chatting about everything from the reclamation of one's body, tattooed women stereotypes, the rise of the tattoo model as career choice, women tattooers of yesterday & today, and much more. 

And we really want to hear your opinions as well, so all those attending are encouraged to participate in the discussion. I also encourage everyone to share your thoughts on women and tattoo culture in the link to this post in our FB group page, or Tweet at me.
  • What do you think about the representation of tattooed women in mass media and our own industry media?
  • How do you define beauty through tattoos?
  • Have you ever used tattooing as a form of reclamation of your body -- either tattooing over scars, getting tattoos to empower yourself after a trauma, covering up a gang tattoo or mark that you felt was never your own...?
  • How does your race & ethnicity play into reactions to your tattoos?
  • Do you feel that tattooed women are hypersexualized more so today?
  • Do women tattooers still face obstacles to entering and advancing in the craft?
Feel free to raise other issues. Would love to hear from you.
And would love to see you Saturday!

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