Fox New Mag's "Tattoo Takeover"
07:42 AM
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Throughout all this week, Fox News Magazine will feature their "Tattoo Takeover," a special series in which the content on the site will focus on various aspects of tattoos, from artist spotlights to after care to some tattoo history and naturally pop culture today.

And naturally, I'm skeptical, just as I am when any major media outlet (especially Fox, which isn't tattoo friendly) tries to write about the "tattoo trend." On first glance, the typical fodder is all there: the tribalized promo, the celebrity tattoos, the word "tats," and a reality tattoo star, this time Megan Massacre.

However, there are some strong points that are giving me hope for this series. I love that they chose esteemed artist Mike Rubendall as one of their first artist features, which includes a Q&A and a good sample of his tattoo work. He's a great representative of the tattoo community and what the highest standard of tattooing is all about.

I didn't think that I would be a fan of the Guidelines For a Tattoo Virgin but they got Khani Zulu of Zulu Tattoo in LA to offer her advice and she lays it down in a way that gives a good picture of what someone new to tattoo can expect from the process.

As for the history section -- The Origin of Ink: Tattoos Through Time -- they couldn't have done any better than tattoo anthropologist Dr. Lars Krutak, the go-to source for tattoo history. Lars provides an accessible overview of the art, from tattooed mummies to indigenous cultures that still practice the tattoo traditions of their ancestors. I wish this section could've been longer, but consider it a cheat sheet or a jumping point to inspire people to find out more.

We'll be watching how the "Tattoo Takeover" progresses throughout the week, but so far, it's definitely worth a look. 

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