Jinxi's Inspiration Art Project Series
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Eight Arms of Inspiration_book.jpgMany of you know that I'm a huge fan of blogger/author/all-around-awesome-human-being Jinxi Boo Caddel for a myriad of reasons, many of which I've written about here before.  Well, here's another reason: her Inspiration Art Project Series, beautiful hardcover publications designed to do exactly what the name says -- inspire exciting interpretations of particular themes by presenting a finely curated ensemble of art in different mediums focused on those themes.   

Eight Arms of Inspiration: The Octopus Art Project book, which Jinxi co-published with Memento Publishing, is a perfect example of this. In the book's 336 pages, the octopus is interpreted by 440 artists of different disciplines and genres in nearly 1,000 different ways, including tattoos, photos, graffiti, jewelry, cake art, glasswork, pottery, poetry and so much more. If you're looking for reference for your next eight-armed cephalopod tattoo, this book is a must-have especially.

The next incarnation of the Inspiration Art Project series will be entomology and insects, and Jinxi is looking for your bug art, also in all different kinds of mediums as long as the artwork focuses on insects, arachnids, or snails, -- and it should be some kickass work. [For the Eight Arms book, they had close to 1,900 images submitted, so naturally not everyone makes the cut.]  The deadline for submission is June 3, 2013. More info here.
A bird-inspired book is schedule for 2014. 

Here's the best part of this project: a percentage of the proceeds of all book sales through Jinxi's Out of Step Books goes to Donorschoose.org in an effort to keep arts education alive and thriving. So far, donations have gone to 23 art classrooms in need, and donations will continue with the new insect book.  There are also art prints for purchase, and all the proceeds from those sales go to Donorschoose.org. See why I'm such a huge fan of hers?!

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