NYC Tattoo Convention May 17-19
08:34 AM
NYC Tattoo Convention.jpg
We're gearing up for the NYC Tattoo Convention, May 17-19, at the Roseland Ballroom in the heart of Times Square. It remains one of our favorite shows because of the finely curated roster of international artists, the fantastic stage show performers, and because we get to see our traveling freakshow of friends who come into NYC specifically to be a part of this convention.  

This will be my 13th year attending the show, and the first time I won't be working it for a long time, so I can run around, watch the amazing art work being created, shop(!), and yup, hang at the bar. You'll see us floating around Saturday and Sunday. I'll have N+S stickers, pins, and bear hugs.

Check my bad photos from past shows on Flickr, including the ones below. I'll also be Tweeting the event and posting photos on Pinterest and Instagram.

You can also follow news on the convention on their Facebook page.
Japanese Demon Tattoo.jpgTattoo by David Sena. 

NYC Tattoo Convention 2.jpg

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