Adrian Dominic's "Apokalupsis"
07:29 AM

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As I mentioned yesterday, there are some wonderful events this week leading up to the NYC Tattoo Convention, which takes place this Friday through Sunday at the Roseland Ballroom.

Another art show we'll be attending tomorrow -- a show I've been excited about since I learned about its progression last Fall -- is "Apokalupsis" A Contemporary View From the Revelation of John The Divine by the wonderful Adrian Dominic.  The show opens tomorrow at Sacred Gallery (from 8-11pm) and runs until June 30th.  Based on the preview, it's really a must see. And the story behind the series is compelling as well. Here's a bit from it:  

In this series, Adrian ambitiously attempts to illustrate characters from the most abstract and visually confrontational book of the Holy Bible. Inspired by a genuine search for knowledge of self and freedom from spiritual dogma, this series approaches characters with respect to the descriptions of the ancient texts and attempts a certain level of accuracy while instinctively and naturally infusing the sense of spiritual urgency and emergency currently prevalent in many of the world's aware and seekers of personal truth. With these very old and powerful symbols, reintroducing them to the audience to bring about a dialogue of ancient human spiritual conditions and how they are more than relevant in our modern fast moving times, outside of the dogmatic constraints of judgement. His goal is to truly inspire and challenge the audience to see where we each stand in this epic tale and to see their own reflection in the characters intentions.

Beyond painting, Adrian has been creating exciting tattoos, described as dynamic sculpturesque designs, since 1999.You can see more of his tattoos and fine art at

So, I hope to see y'all at "Apokalupsis" tomorrow. Considering that David Sena's "Blunted Paranoia" show is in walking distance to Sacred Gallery, I'll be hitting up both exhibits. Should be a fun night!

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