Tattoo Law & Bloodborne Pathogen Training, June 2, @Sacred Tattoo
09:38 AM
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tattoo law lecture.jpgNext Sunday, June 2nd, I'll be giving a Tattoo Law Talk, after the Bloodborne Pathogens Training, at Sacred Tattoo at 424 Broadway, NY in SoHo.  The training -- which will satisfy artists yearly OSHA requirement -- runs from 1 to 3:30pm. And my talk is from 4-5pm.

You can attend both or just come in for one of the classes.  The best part:  it's only $40. When was the last time a lawyer talked to you for so little?!

I'll be giving an overview of the top tattoo law issues facing studios, artists and collectors as well. My talk will cover the following:
  • how protect your art and business via copyright & trademark
  • how to license your artwork outside of tattooing
  • how to help protect studios from frivolous law suits (which are many these days)
  • how to navigate employment relationships through non-compete agreements
  • how to navigate client relationships through waivers & releases
  • how to manage the legal aspects of media/press relations ...  And more!
I'll also be taking your questions. You can shoot them to me in advance, via marisa at, or at the lecture itself.

You can reserve your spot via Unimax Supply hereHope to see you Sunday, June 2nd!

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