Chad Koeplinger's 10 Best Meals of 2013
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One of my favorite tattooists to follow on Instagram is Chad Koeplinger, but not simply because he puts on some of the boldest and strongest tattoos around, but also because, in between his tattoo pix, are mouth watering meals, often from the swankest of restaurants. His refined taste buds have become just as known as his tattoo skills, and so FirstWeFeast.com featured Chad Koeplinger's 10 Best Meals of 2013 (So Far).

Here's a taste from the article intro:

Consider Chad the ink-slinging Anthony Bourdain. Fellow tattooer BJ Betts calls him "the king of $500 solo meals." His quest for the best dining experiences is matched by only a few, and worthy of envy by all.

Crushing all pedestrian foodie dreams, here are the best meals Koeplinger's consumed thus far in 2013, from Nepal to his new home of Napa.
It's a great read and already has me trying to make reservations at Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse. Check all ten favorites here.

And for more on Chad's tattoo work, such as these pieces below, find him on Facebook as well as on Instagram (@chadkoeplinger).

[Thanks to Nick Schonberger for the link.]

Chad Koeplinger knee tattoo.jpg
Koeplinger eagle tattoo.jpg

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