Paul Booth's Last Rites Gallery in Hi Fructose
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One of my favorite art magazines, Hi Fructose, has a great feature on Paul Booth with a focus on his Last Rites Gallery, the fine art companion to Paul's inimitable Last Rites Tattoo Theater. The feature includes images from the gallery and some works from its recent shows, offering a feel for what you'll often find on view. And in the Q&A, Paul discusses what led him to the fine art scene, what "dark art" means to him, and the link between tattoos and fine art. Here's a bit from that:

How do you see the relationship between tattooing and fine art, Last Rites Gallery and Last Rites Tattoo Theatre?

It has come a long way, especially in the last 5 to 10 years. As tattoo art has grown in popularity, it has evolved towards a greater acceptance as an art form. It has been a personal battle for 25 years to open minds and tolerance in this regard, as the process is so different and sometimes intimidating for people. After all, it involves a human canvas that becomes more of a collaboration with the artist. Our aim is not to equate its worth as fine art per se, but to interest [people] in its artistic value. I've always made it my mission to engage and exhibit the best talent out there with the Last Rites Tattoo Theatre. The art of tattooing is a complex technique that requires certain expertise and strong ethics, as well as being an artist from the get-go. The mission of Last Rites is the convergence of these two art forms in one space to create a harmonized atmosphere of skill and aesthetic appreciation. This is not only be seen on a day-to-day basis through the exhibitions and open floor plan of the tattoo studio (allowing guests to experience the tattoo artists at work), but during our opening receptions as well. Every opening reception, we invite both tattoo artists and fine artists to collaboratively paint on stage during "Art Fusion," uniting their talents and creative vision for all to experience.

Both the tattoo studio and art gallery offer its visitors the opportunity to marinate in a stimulating environment that is constantly brimming with creativity and inspiration. Our approach exposes the audience to a different art experience where both worlds can be enjoyed and appreciated.

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