Artist Spotlight: Patrick Hüttlinger
09:26 AM
Patrick Huttlinger, tattoo.jpg
Patrick Huttlinger, Sven Walliser.jpgTattoo by Patrick Hüttlinger. Photo by Sven Walliser.

As promised, I'm sharing the work of another fantastic artist featured in my upcoming Black Tattoo Art II, which will be released in September. I'm thrilled to have Patrick Hüttlinger be a part of this project.  Here's how Patrick describes his work:

When I started tattooing just before the turn of the millennium, I solely concentrated on the color black and I am still fascinated with the limitation which using this one colour offers, opening doors for new graphical challenges and at the same time giving justice to the medium of skin, through it's bold simplicity. Nevertheless, to be able to satisfy my inner-drive, the desire to create and change, I need to make use of a variety of artistic media. In the world of art, with its unlimited variety and infinite possibilities, I feel most at home.
Another art form Patrick has engaged in is the creation of exceptionally beautiful rotary machines, which you can learn about here.

Check more of Patrick's tattoo portfolio on his site, Facebook, and Instagram.

Patrick_Huttlinger 3.jpg

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