Digital Tattoo Exhibits Net Art
09:11 AM

In experimenting with ways the body can exhibit artwork -- work that changes and can only be viewable through technology -- artist Anthony Antonellis has implanted an RFID chip that can transmit net art, as shown in this (fairly graphic) video above by Animal NY.  In the accompanying article to the video, reporter Marina Galperina explains how it works:

The NFC / RFID chip is the size of a grand of sand. It's equipped with a tiny antenna and encased inside a glass capsule to keep it from being disrupted by its fleshy environment. This chip stores 1KB of data and is readable like a key fob by compatible phones, tablets, card readers and the Arduino microcontroller.
Antonellis is going bigger: "Thinks of it as a changeable, digital net art tattoo vs. fixed information." He's developing it to pair with an app for Android (maybe iPhone, eventually). You'll be able to swipe and download the data into your own phone and view previous artworks from a roster of exhibiting artists.

"I like the idea of micro-curation," Antonellis explains.
Read more and see images here.

The intersection of tattoos and tech is nothing new. We've written about the first animated tattoo, scannable bar code tattoos, augmented reality tattoos, and even a CNC automatic tattoo machine. But it's always interesting to me to see how the ways of exhibiting and viewing art is evolving with technology, and how we all can become walking galleries in different forms over time.

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