Tattoo Odes to "Breaking Bad"
05:00 PM
walter white tattoo.jpg
Walter White tattoo by Mark Bester of Marked for Life Tattoo Studio.

Tonight is the US premier of the final season of one of the most badass television shows Breaking Bad. The life a sympathetic chemistry teacher with cancer turned meth cook turned diabolical drug king pin has enthralled viewers around the world. That degeneration of a man (or evolution to some) is a compelling concept -- what would we do in similar circumstances?

And so it's no surprise that fans -- a number of them -- have tattooed permanent odes to the show's themes and its protagonist.

Flavorwire recently posted "14 Totally Creepy Breaking Bad Tattoos," which includes the Walter White portrait above by Mark Bester of Marked for Life Tattoo Studio in Stockton-on-Tees, UK.  But Flavorwire missed another cool BB tattoo:  this Walter White portrait below by Jamie Parker of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA.

Now I'm on the hunt to commandeer someone's cable TV and enjoy some Blue Sky.

UPDATE:  In the Needles & Sins FB group page, Kimberly posted links to great Breaking Bad portraits by Benjamin Laukus. Check them here and here.

BreakingBad_tattoo.jpgWalter White portrait above by Jamie Parker of MD Tattoo Studio.

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