September 11th Tattoo Memorials
09:04 AM
9-11 tattoo.jpg
On this 12th anniversary of September 11th, my thoughts are with friends who lost family, fellow firefighters, and friends. Many get tattooed to honor loved ones, mark moments that should not be forgotten. These 9/11 tattoos offer pause to reflect on the courageous and beautiful acts that took place that day in the face of tragedy and evil.

Photographer Vinnie Ammese, of Staten Island, NY began documenting 9/11 memorial tattoos in 2003, which you can find on his online portfolio here, including the photo shown above. Firefighter tattoo site Strike The Box also has an extensive gallery of 9/11 member-submitted tattoo tributes.

Spider Webb also obsessively drew 9/11 flash the months following the tragedy. He's quoted on his 9/11 gallery page as saying:  "I picked up a pencil because I didn't know what else to do. Between trying to help and cursing at the TV, I began drawing tattoo flash about this event and for this event. I was consciously thinking in terms of tattoos because I knew people would need them."

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