Artist Spotlight: Roddy McLean
09:02 AM
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It's not uncommon for tattooers to offer free tattoos to clients who are willing to take or to leave the design presented by the artist, and with free rein, he or she is able to experiment and evolve a personal tattoo style. It's this process -- and trust -- that is often cited when talking about tattooing rising to the level of "a fine art."

Tattooer Roddy McLean of Timeless Tattoo in Glasgow, Scotland is skilled in a variety of tattoo genres, although particularly influenced by Japanese traditions in his tattooing. However, when he wanted to create tattoo designs based around the concept of "dissolution," and put into skin the drawings he had been doing of dissolving images, Roddy decided that he would offer one free tattoo a month through the year to clients willing to accept, as is, his artwork on their bodies. Roddy explains, "By doing this it gives me a break from being the dancing monkey that tattooing makes you." And clients jumped at the chance. He's already booked every month until the end of the year.

The tattoos shown here are part of Roddy's dissolution project. Check more on his blog.

Roddy also put together a video art project, shown below, which explores dissolution themes and also offers a glimpse into the tattoo process of the sleeve featured in this post.

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