Digital Tattoo Inspiration: DoverPictura
09:11 AM
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mandala designs.pngWhen looking for design inspiration, particularly pattern work for my tattoos, I've often poured over Dover Books -- publications that contain hundreds of thousands of Copyright Free, permission free or royalty-free images.

Considering that our mega-bookstore chains in the US don't usually carry too many of their extensive titles, I would take a special pilgrimage to the Dover Bookshop in Convent Garden when I'd head to the London Tattoo Convention. I was bummed to learn that the shop closed in March, that is, until I found out that the books, or even just select pages from the books, can be purchased for download on DoverPictura.

DoverPictura offers instant digital image gratification. As noted on the website, the "vast archive of royalty-free images is organized in collections that range in focus from vintage Americana, to period ornament & decoration, to exotic ethnic imagery from around the world."

I purchased Neo-Classical Design & Ornament (as a nod to my Greek culture) and Floral Ornament. Immediately after making the purchase, via PayPal, I was able to download a zipped file, which contained not only the PDF of the book, but each individual design in the book was a separate file. For Floral Ornament, for example, that came out to 380 images. Now all I need is a free moment to go through them all for ideas.

Also check the DoverPictura blog for ideas on using the images in design & craft projects, as well as technical info on working with certain files.

Dover Books will also have a stand at the London Tattoo Convention.

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