A Tribute to 30 years of Royal Tattoo
06:16 AM
Henning Jorgensen tiger tattoo.jpg Henning Jorgensen tattoo.jpgThirty years ago last month, Henning Jorgensen opened Royal Tattoo in Helsingor in Eastern Denmark, and as a tribute to how he has inspired generations of tattooers around the globe, Lars Stig Moller created this video (below) in which fellow tattooers offer their gratitude for all Henning has done for the tattoo community. Some clips are serious, heartfelt messages, while others are fun & ridiculous, but all attest to just how much of an impact he has made.

Henning is renowned for his flawless Japanese-inspired compositions, as well as his classic old school works.  Tattooing since he was 18 years old, Henning began his career in Copenhagen's Red Light District, and worked with the legendary Ole Hansen (who was known as "King's Tattooer" for the work he did on Frederick IX, King of Denmark, according to the Tattoo Archive).  When American tattoo legend Mike Malone visited Copenhagen, he opened the door for Henning to the world of Japanese tattooing. Henning also traveled to the US to get tattooed by Don Ed Hardy and, according to Henning, watching Hardy work solidified the desire to pursue the Japanese aesthetic.

Today, Henning himself is a legend in this style and has influenced countless others just like the greats before him.

For more on Henning's work, check the Royal Tattoo site, Facebook page and Instagram.  I also love this blog post by Jason Tyler Grace on his visit to Royal Tattoo in 2011.

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