Fair reporting on tattoos? Not often.
09:11 AM
bad journalism.jpg
On Monday, io9.com posted the photo above from YourLocalGP on Twitter, via PZ Myers, in which a "journalist" from The Sun "urgently need[s] an expert who will say tattoos can give you cancer."  And he can plug and PAY you to say it!

There has never been a study that links tattoos to cancer. The closest discussion on the topic recently has been on how tattoos may mask melanomas, but not cause them.

But this isn't about tattoos and cancer. It's about how the media constantly sensationalizes and even demonizes an art form because ... really, I don't know why anymore.  Are tattoos still scary to society? Do tattoo taboos remain even if Miley Cyrus wears them? Or maybe it's just getting too boring to write about Syria or the US government shutdown?

This is how your tattoo news gets made by tabloids, folks.

[Thanks, John A., for the link!]

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