Motorola Files for Throat Tattoo Patent
04:49 PM
motorola _tattoo_throat.jpg

Last week, Motorola filed a patent application for an "electronic skin tattoo" that "provides auxiliary voice input to a mobile communication device."  As put it, "Sweet microphone transceiver and power supply neck tat, man."

What the electronic tattoo does is transmits audio to a controller, which then sends it along to the accompanying mobile device, like your smartphone or tablet. Essentially it can be the ultimate in hands-free telephone calls or just voice commands for a device. Oh, and it could also act as a lie detector in monitoring voice patterns.

The patent application naturally came onto my radar because the use of the word "tattoo." As notes, "the company has a habit of being loose with their definition of 'tattoo'." And one would naturally think that we're talking about stick-on tech tattoos; however, when I quickly looked over the patent, I didn't find it specified. Even Engadget highlighted that the patent reads likes it's a permanent throat tattoo.

Should it be conceived as a permanent electronic tattoo, it won't be the first marriage of tattoos and tech. Here's a list of some posts that have also filled our cyborg tattoo fantasies:

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