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07:17 AM
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I've spent a few hours fiddling about with the Art and Skin app and I have to admit that I've very, VERY impressed by their product.

Art and Skin has done some amazing stuff with 3D photography, allowing you to virtually "revolve" around their featured artists and models. Imagine the "bullet-time" shots in The Matrix but apply it to a tattoo shop/artist/model - it's pretty awesome and insanely beautiful. Hopefully more app developers will continue to head in this direction (and more tattooists will continue to embrace non-standard technology as a means to promote their work).

Do I think their UX/UI (User Experience / User Interface) could use a bit more work? Yes. Their navigation isn't always intuitive - which can be fun if you want to "explore," but that's not always the case on a mobile device. Their sans-serif/ultra-thin typeface choices don't always render well on a phone, either, making the content hard to read at standard resolution. I got lost a few times in the app instead of discovering new content, but...

That said, hot holy Scooby Snacks this is cool!

Save the $4.99 you were gonna spend on some crap tattoo magazine this week and download the Art and Skin app - if anything, you'll have fun spinning Eddy Deutsche around in his studio.

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