Martin Luther King Jr. Tattoo Odes
10:28 AM
by Remis tattoo.jpg
Martin Luther King portrait above by Remis Tattoo.

cecil porter tattoo_MLK.jpgMartin Luther King portrait above by Cecil Porter.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'
                                                         -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
As I've done in past years in honor of
Martin Luther King Jr Day, I share exceptional portraits and tattoo odes to a man who embodied Ghandi's "satyagraha" or "soul force" here in the US in furthering social justice (as set forth in his iconic "I have a Dream" speech). It's a day on which I reflect on how I can take at least some small action in working towards equality and harmony, and give back to my community. It's heartening that some people have chosen to tattoo this reminder for every day reflection.

martin luther king jr tattoo by jason grace.jpgTattoo above by Jason Grace.

martin luther king tattoos.jpgTattoos (left to right) by Joshua Carlton, Mike DeMasi, and Logan Aguilar.

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