The Brian Kelly Army
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As I was reading Vocativ.com's "The Brian Kelly Army" post, I realized that I didn't hate it as I thought I would. Brian Kelly is an American tattooer working at Loxodrom Tattoo in Berlin, and for 20 Euros, he'll tattoo his face on you ... and you can join at least 74 other people who are part of the Brian Kelly Army.

Here's more from Vocativ.com:

The signature tattoo is a stylized version of a photo of himself, a la Shepard Fairey's famously co-opted image of Barack Obama.

Kelly came up with the idea after finishing art school in Minneapolis. At the time, he was really into Fairey and Andy Warhol. He figured if you were going to do a graphic art version of a face, you might as well use your own. So he tattooed the first one on his calf. [...]

Kelly says some people get the tattoo because they know him or because he's done most or all of their tattoos. That was the case for Ina Schneider, 29, who says she got it because he had already done tattoos on her arm, back, foot and fingers. "I just liked the idea," she says. "People always come over and say, 'Who is this?' And when I tell the story, they're really shocked. I think it's fun. They're like, 'Are you serious?' And I'm like, 'Yeah, it's an army.'"

Read more here. And see more of the "Army" here.

I first thought, "Why would people tattoo this dude's face on themselves?" And then I thought, "Why do people tattoo Gwen Stefani's face on themselves?" And then I thought, "Tattoo artists are cooler than Gwen Stefani, so I guess it's better to be part of the Brian Kelly Army than that of someone who wrote Hollaback Girl." And so my thought process went.

I also harkened back to this past London Tattoo Convention, where two wonderful artists and friends got my temporary "Marisa Loves Me" tattoos, permanently tattooed. [Although, the tattoo is my ode to them rather than the other way around. Who doesn't want of reminder that they're loved?! Especially by me?!]

Another bonus from the Brian Kelly Army article is that I got to check his website and Facebook page and there's some solid tattoo work in there like these pieces below. No need to be a part of any militia to enjoy the art.

brian kelly tattoo 2.jpg

Brian Kelly tattoo.jpg

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