Things & Ink Celebration Issue
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things and ink celebration issue.jpgIn just one year, Things & Ink magazine -- a love letter to tattooed women -- has given us plenty to cheer about, and continues to do so with their latest hit, "The Celebration Issue."

On the front and back covers are tattooers Amy Savage and Tiny Miss Becca Tattoo, looking fun and beautiful; noticeably absent are them sucking on their fingers or arching their backs. Inside are interviews with Amy and Becca as well as samples from their portfolios. Other artist profiles include Q&As with Vicky Morgan and Sam Smith of Steveston Tattoo. I highly recommend that your check all their work.

Another tattooer featured, but in a lush fashion feature, is El Bernardes in the "East meets West" spread. This is how you do sexy without being cheezy. Check the behind-the-scenes video (embedded below) created by Gypsy East.

In addition to the articles, curated by editor Alice Snape, what makes the magazine so engaging is gorgeous styling, largely by Olivia Snape, and excellent photography in creative spreads. A perfect example is the stunning Saturnalia beauty shoot, which includes make-up tips in addition to the tattoo stories of the muses featured. [An unpublished image from that shoot is below.]

Saturnalia-beauty-shoot-issue-5-1024x682.jpgOther highlights for me in this issue include an article by Kelli Savill on a number of women who transformed their scars with tattoos; another wonderful history piece by Amelia Klem Osterud called "Changing Shapes of Beauty" on cultural shifts and ideal body types; and an engaging chat with Flora Amalie Leonardo Pedersen, co-owner and manager of Conspiracy Inc (with her husband Uncle Allan), photographer, and blogger.

I also really enjoyed Hannah Mosley's "Diary of a Tattoo Apprentice" column in which she shares her experience being interviewed by a UK newspaper and how the article actually turned out. Spoiler alert: Not good. Hannah has now completed her apprenticeship under Louis Malloy, but I hope she continues to write for the mag as she has sharp wit and smart voice.    

[Oh, and I'm also grateful for their review of my Black Tattoo Art 2 monster.]

I heard a number of people say that a magazine like this, one that truly celebrates tattooed women, cannot survive because it doesn't follow the standard tattoo mag menu. We need to prove them wrong. Support the magazine and what it represents by purchasing Things & Ink online here and at these stockists.

East Meets West | Behind the Scenes from Gypsy East on Vimeo.

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