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A bunch of y'all have sent me links to the J&B tattooed bottles ad campaign, featuring the work of Sebastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx in Paris. It seems the painstaking process of tattooing these limited edition bottles of booze is garnering a lot of attention; if you haven't seen it, the design studio Button Button explains the campaign:

As a celebration of [J&B's] origin, we decided to tattoo 25 bottles for real. First thing, we fully covered bottles with a latex skin, like the one used to practice tattoo, slim enough to respect bottle shape and strong enough to be hit many times my tattooer's needles... We decided to color skins with a human skin color to strengthen the tattoo perception and create something intriguing...Then we asked Sebastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx a private tattoo room in Paris, to support us in this adventure. Excited by the challenge he immediately accepted... with only a partial idea of how complex it would be... Actually he spent around 20 hours to tattoo each bottle. Each of the 25 bottles is tattooed from a single design, but intrinsically, each bottle is unique.

In the end, these 25 bottles are [were] for sale this winter in Paris at Publicis Drugstore and at L'eclaireur rue Herold. They are presented in rough black silkscreened wooden box.
20 hours per bottle!

Vince Hemingson of The Vanishing Tattoo sent a link to the Creative Review article on the ad, which explained that the bottles (at 150 Euros each) sold out within a week. To this, the ever-wise Pat Fish made the following point: "Ok, they sold for 150 Euro each, that's $205. Takes the artist 20 hours to copy the same design on each one, plus he took time to design the pattern to J&B's approval before he began.  I get the kink factor but it doesn't make sense unless the 25 bottles were sold for 1500 euros, as limited edition collector's items. Or auctioned off to highest bidder."

Here's hoping that the artist was paid well by the design company, or at least banks on the press of this campaign.

See more of Sebastien Mathieu's tattoo work here. Check the video of his process below and find more pics at The Coolector.

J&B Tattoo by Sphinx from ButtonButton on Vimeo.

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