Life+Limb Podcast with David Allen
08:47 AM
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When two fantastic artists get together to chat about their work, and their lives in general, I have to share. Check this Life+Limb podcast with tattooer and painter David Allen, which can be streamed here and downloaded via iTunes.

Life+Limb is created and hosted by artist & designer Chuck Anderson (@NoPattern), and features interviews with "some of the world's most interesting, passionate, and creative people about their lives and work." David certainly is one such person.

Chuck interviews David on his transition from the graphic design world to the tattoo world, his apprenticeship and learning curve (including his tattoo practice leg), and his thoughts on tattoo culture overall. They also discuss David's wonderful work serving breast cancer survivors by transforming their mastectomy scars, as we've written about here.

When asked at the very outset of the podcast, "Who are you?", David responds, "An artist and a father." From there, an interersting discussion develops as to what that fully entails.

I hope you'll find inspiration in David's experience (and a push to hustle more) as I did.

See more tattoo work and paintings by David on his site, Facebook, and Instagram. Also check Chuck's art and design work here.

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