Pierre Chapelan: 20 Years of Tattooing
07:59 AM
pierre tattoo mania tattoo.jpgpierre tattoo mania.jpgWhen I think of talented tattoo families -- and the warmest and kindest -- one of the top that comes to mind are the Chapelans of Studio Tattoo Mania in Montreal, Quebec. Second generation tattooer, Pierre Chapelan and his wife Valerie are not only renowned for their stellar studio, but also organizing the fantastic Art Tattoo Show Montreal.
Pierre is celebrating 20 years in tattooing, and there's a wonderful online (and offline) appreciation of his dedication to the craft. Here's more on this milestone:
"It's been more then 20 years since Pierre Chapelan first held a tattoo machine in his hand, but in 2013, he celebrated his 20th anniversary as a professional tattoo artist. He fell into the tattoo world early on while watching his dad Michel tattoo his way around France and accompanying him to various tattoo shops and conventions in Europe. He was only 17 in 1993 when he started tattooing full time in Bordeaux, France. A mere few months after starting, he came to Canada for his first tattoo convention as a professional artist.

The Montreal Tattoo Convention was filled with many well known artists including Tin-Tin, Bernie Luther, Eddy Deutsch -- all artists Pierre looked to as inspirations. A year later, he came back to Montreal, fell in love with his future wife,Val, and soon enough, decided that Montreal would be home. He worked at Tatouage Artistique along side Keith Stewart and Bill Baker for a few years until he opened his own shop.

Studio TattooMania opened in 1997, the same year his daughter Audrey Lune was born. What was a small one-person operation is now one of the most renowned tattoo parlors in Canada with 9 artists, as well as guest artists who have included Filip Leu, Horizakura, and Tin-Tin, among many others.

Pierre is fully dedicated to his work; he truly "eats,*•#s, sleeps tattoo," as one of his t-shirts states so well. He's been involved in the tattoo community as the host of the Art Tattoo Show Montreal, one of the most successful tattoo conventions worldwide.

He's a polyvalent artist who believes it's his duty to do great work, whether it's a full backpiece or a small walk-in. At only 37-years old,Pierre still thrives on learning and loves talking about his craft.

His next 20 years are looking bright and fun as ever with new projects but always bearing the same respect and love of tattooing."

Congratulations, Pierre!
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