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Last month, at the NYC Tattoo Convention, I had the pleasure of having my booth right next to Jess Yen. In addition to watching him create stellar works, what also interested me was the aftercare he used after completing a tattoo. I watched him wrap a thin, clear bandage that adhered to the tattoo itself (a far cry from the old school plastic wrap and tape method). When I asked him about it, he told me that he was using Saniderm Medical Bandages, and that he hasn't used any other after-care method since.

Jess is not a paid by Saniderm to tout their brand, just a reputable tattooist who found a healing method that works. And so, when Saniderm approached us about advertising on the site, I felt it was a good fit as they were highly recommended, not just by Jenn but by other tattooers. [We've turned away a lot of companies wanting to advertise because we couldn't vouch for them.]

Saniderm works by providing a moist healing environment for tattoos: it locks in the body's natural healing fluids while protecting new tattoos from dirt, germs, and other contaminants, as well as friction. Doctors and hospitals have long treated burns and abrasions using the  moist healing method. You can read more about this method on Science Direct and on the National Library of Medicine site.

According to the NLM: "[...] use of more moisture-retentive dressings generally achieves environments supportive of earlier healing outcomes when compared to less moisture-retentive dressings... Evidence further suggests that greater dressing moisture retention is associated with fewer clinical infections, greater patient comfort, and reduced scarring."

Tattooer testimonials state that they found no scabbing or itching and that colors have healed brighter and darks healed darker.

The bandages are waterproof and breathable. Usually only 2 bandages are required -- the first one is worn for up to 24 hours, the second can be worn for 5 - 7 days.  During that time the new tattoo is kept clean and protected.  No getting blood and ink on your clothes and sheets. Saniderm can also be worn in the shower. Plus, you don't have to keep applying creams/lotions throughout the day.

Saniderm gives out free samples of their products to tattoo artists so they can try it out themselves.  There is a request form on their site.

Read more about Saniderm and how it works here. And you can purchase Saniderm online here.
Needlesandsins.com appreciates the support of Saniderm and all our advertisers.

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