Arts in Context: A Moving Canvas
02:44 AM

UPDATE:  You can watch the full program online here.

In a much needed respite to the onslaught of terrible tattoo TV, the PBS Arts in Context series offers "A Moving Canvas" in which the history as well as the artistry and spirit of tattoo culture is explored through discussions with prominent tattooers. One such tattooer is the legendary Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand who does a good bit of the voiceover for the film as well.

If you check the video clip above, there are already some juicy nuggets of wisdom. I love when Kate says (I'm paraphrasing here) that a tattoo awakens a primal global impulse, the same impulse to sing and to dance, and that it is an innate part of us. She also discusses how tattooing was once the province of women. Should be a great watch.

"A Moving Canvas" airs tonight on PBS CHANNEL KRLU, Austin, 7:30 PM Central time, and then will be available for all to watch online tomorrow, May 30th, on PBS online.

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