RIP H.R. Giger
07:40 PM
Paul Booth Giger tattoo.jpgH.R. Giger inspired tattoo by Paul Booth.

The tattoo world has lost one of its greatest artistic influences: surrealist H.R. Giger. As Rolling Stone reported, the 74-year-old art icon died Monday, following hospitalization for falling down the stairs in his Zurich home.

Many news outlets discuss his legacy as the designer of the Alien creature; however, for the tattoo community, he is much more. He inspired a whole genre of tattoos: biomechanical art -- art that conveys man and machine fused in surrealist dreamscapes to stunning effect.

The world's most renowned tattooers, such as Guy Aitchison and Paul Booth (whose work is shown above), cite Giger as one of their greatest artistic influences. There are, indeed, countless Giger-inspired tattoos worldwide, including an entire bodysuit project

Giger's impact on tattooing has been so profound that a number of collectors have dedicated their skin to portraits of the artist, as show below.

H.R. Giger will be missed, but on the bodies of his fans, his legacy lives on. 

For more on the artist, visit HRGIGER.COM [currently unavailable] and HRGIGERMUSEUM.COM.

Benjamin Laukis Giger tattoo.jpgTattoo above by Benjamin Laukis.

Dmitriy Samohin giger tattoo.JPGTattoo above by Dmitriy Samohin.

Bob Tyrrell Giger Tattoo.jpgTattoo above by Bob Tyrrell.

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