Tattoo Artists Against Skin Cancer
08:21 AM
skin-cancer-check_tattoo.jpgSometimes marketing campaigns that use tattoos to sell their products can actually work to help our community. As Ad Week wrote this week, in Brazil, sunscreen brand Sol de Janeiro had oncologists train 450 tattoo artists throughout the country to check their customers for signs of skin cancer.

The video (embedded below) features the training, however, the most interesting part is the footage of tattooers advising their clients about skin cancer. As noted in the video, the 450 tattooers checked an average of about 6 clients per day, so that about 18,900 people a week were screened. In fact, a number of the artists actually identified problematic moles, and the clients were seen by doctors who were able to remove them at early stages.

The ad campaign also has a site where artists can get a "diploma" for skin cancer screening:

The video is captioned in English and worth a look.

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