Tattoo Odes to Notorious BIG
10:13 PM
Nikko Hurtado Biggie Smalls.jpg
Biggie portrait tattoo above by Nikko Hurtado

As I Brooklyn girl, I'd be remiss in not posting a few of the multitudinous odes to Christopher George Latore Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls / Biggie / Notorious B.I.G, on the iconic rapper's birthday. [Of course, I'd prefer if more people got portraits of Brooklyn's own Shirley Chisholm -- the first African-American woman elected to Congress AND the first major-party black candidate for President of the United States -- but I have hopes that those tattoos will come.]

Biggie's music had a profound impact beyond Brooklyn, especially evidenced on skin of fans around the world. Here are just a few pics of those tattoo tributes.

Biggie by Mitch13.jpgBiggie tattoo above on JJDTD by Australia's Mitch13.

biggie by George Muecke .jpgTattoo above by George Muecke of Ontario, Canada.

biggie smalls oddity tattoo.jpgAnd Biggie as a zombie by Matt Helmer of Oddity Tattoo in Sarasota Florida.

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