David Sena's Fire Art
08:42 AM

David Sena fire art.jpg The exceptional tattooing of David Sena of SenaSpace in NYC has appeared on this blog before, most recently, with the photos below of his clients at the NYC Tattoo Convention. David's fine art work, however, demands more attention.

This Cool Hunting video does just that. In the footage, David demonstrates his work with fire, as he employs firecrackers and smoke bombs to burn paper, making art that is as powerful as the methods he uses to create it.  David discusses how experimentation in unique ways of mark making led this body of fine art work. I particularly enjoyed how he explained his love for the uncertainty and randomness of the process and making an uncontrollable substance like fire do what he wants to do.   

Tattooing since 1994, David has drawn parallels between his tattoo and fire art, stating that the two forms of creative expression have coexisted well because they both entail physical and ritualistic processes while transforming matter and people.

Check more of David's tattoos and artwork on his site as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Cool Hunting Video: David Sena from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

 David Sena tattoo clients.jpg
David Sena chest tattoo.jpg
David Sena's tattoo clients, above, including close-up.

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