105-year-old gets tattoos and offers wisdom
08:14 AM
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In a truly inspiring story, Moselle "Mimi" Rosenthal, who turned 105-years old last Friday, offers her words of wisdom to TV cameras, and also a peak at her tattoos, which she started collecting at age 99.

Moselle says that she wanted to mark her milestone of turning 99 with a tattoo, but felt she was too old. When a family friend, who is a tattooist, told her she wasn't too old, and then offered to tattoo her for free, Moselle said that she "couldn't resist." That first tattoo was a small butterfly on one ankle; then at age at age 100, she got a flower on her other ankle. And then, because she was tired of pulling up her pants legs to show her tattoos, she got a larger sunflower on her forearm at age 101.

That forearm tattoo garnered some media attention, like this Tampa Bay Times article. Of that attention, Moselle jokes that she didn't get famous for curing cancer, but instead, became famous for being tattooed, adding "Isn't that ridiculous?!"

What makes this 3 1/2 minute video (below) really worth watching are her thoughts on how to live a good life:  to enjoy people and make them laugh.

[Thanks, Sean, for the link.]

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