Lore Morato's Neotraditional Tattoos in NYC
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Great news for Brooklyn -- and anyone willing to travel here for stellar tattoo work:  Brazilian Neotraditional doyenne Lore Morato of Golden Times Tattoo has been traveling throughout the US and will be making her way back to NYC to create her magical tattoos at 8 of Swords this month. She has only three days of appointments left open at 8 of Swords, and it's an incredible opportunity to be tattooed by someone so skilled, and also so kind and giving. The dates are July 12, 13, and 18th. You can reach Lore at goldentimestattoo@gmail.com.

Back in February, I interviewed Lore, and we talked about her spiritual approach to tattooing, among other things. Here's a bit from that chat:

Your distinct style of tattooing blends Neo-traditional with the spiritual. Could you explain your approach to this work?

My mother and grandmother back in Brazil raised me in a very spiritual way, teaching me about magic stones, plants, making wishes and believing in the universe. My mom always said we women are powerful witches. Their teachings are the greatest source of inspiration for my work. Since then, I started studying and celebrating the Divine Feminine, the magic and mystery about being a woman: worshiping different goddesses, seeking the balance between male and female. My work is part of me, is part of what I believe. It's all together, all in one.

You have very strong female archetypes represented in your work. What are your influences and inspiration behind them?

As I said before, all the goddesses that I worship are sources of inspiration, but mostly I draw on the archetype of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, my favorite goddess and also my guide. She is the queen of heaven in the Sumerian mythology and goes down to the underworld to face her sister, who is also her own darkside at the same time. She learns to embrace her shadow in her journey, and when she does it, she goes back to heaven as the queen of both heaven and hell. I am fascinated with this story!
Read more here.

After her tattoo tour through the US, she'll be heading to Europe. Follow her on Facebook for her schedule and photos of her wonderful work. Also check Lore on Instagram.

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