The World's Longest (Temporary) Tattoo
08:37 AM
alice-1267-photo-wide.jpgalice-941-photo-wide.jpgWhile we have a policy of not promoting Kickstarter campaigns (just way too many), I had to mention the incredible success of Litographs Tattoos: Wearable Tributes to Iconic Books, particularly how, within 12 hours, they reached their goal to recreate the entire text of Alice in Wonderland on 2,500 human bodies and make the world's longest *temporary* tattoo chain.  And because of this success, they are able to extend the project by having the sequel, Through the Looking Glass, made into another tattoo chain.

Here's how the chains work:  To be part of a chain, one only needs to contribute $1. Once the temporary tattoos have been sent out, each backer will then upload a photo of their applied piece of the story to Litographs tattoo app, where they'll "print" the story in full.

But there are also cool perks beyond a buck:  $3 gets you another literary tattoo of your choice, $15 gets you six...and more. The other temporary tattoos include quotes from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Ulysses, Henry VI, and Les Miserables.

I got my hands on a few and I have to say that Litographs art team of Benjy Brooke, Tess Clancy, and Dorothy Sanders created some beautiful graphics to accompany the quotes, and they truly look realistic -- which is what my sister wanted when I gave her a couple to put on and shock my parents that yet another daughter has gone rogue.

What I really liked was how this project was inspired by a very real literary tattoo chain, Shelley Jackson's SKIN Project, which launched in 2003, and sets out to publish a story of Shelley's on the skin of 2095 volunteers.

These type of communal tattoo projects are cool, not just for the novelty of the idea, but that it actually could bring people together and create many more stories from that community.

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