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Betty Rose Tattoo.png
Tattoo above by Betty Rose.
Gin Hicks Tattoo.png
Tattoo above by Gin Hicks.

Yesterday, a fantastic new blog and online community launched that I'm incredibly excited about: Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Betty Rose and her husband Matty, have created a space to promote women tattoo artists, curated with an eye towards the very best in the tattoo community.

Betty Rose explains more:

Lady Tattooers began a few years ago, after my husband (Matty) made clear how little he knew about female tattoo artists. I've always wanted to help spread the passion that started my career in tattooing, so Matty's bewilderment opened my eyes to a unique opportunity to both do something I loved and give back to the community of female artists that helped pave the way for me. Continuing the spirit of that first goal has allowed the humble Lady Tattooers instagram account to flourish into being the popular hashtag and website it is today.
What I particularly like about the site are the Q & As, offering a greater look into what drives the artist and her background, and also, it's beautifully designed to navigate more of the artist's work online, with easy links to the artist's website and social media.

Through LadyTattooers, I've already discovered new artists -- including Gin Hicks and Missy Rhysing, whose work is shown here -- so Betty & Matty are clearly on the way towards their goal of becoming the online resource for female tattoo art. Check it.

Missy Rhysing tattoo.pngTattoo by Missy Rhysing.

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